Important notice

The Avalanche public blockchain is an internet-based distributed ledger and computing platform composed of many different and evolving components contributed by a wide variety of participants. Avalanche continues to grow and change through the efforts of its community. Ava Labs, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Ava Labs,” “we” and “our”) are active members of that community. We contribute to the continuing development, implementation, and maintenance of Avalanche and the Avalanche community by funding, publicizing and otherwise encouraging the following, among other things:

• developing and implementing different types of software, such as smart contracts and dApps, subnets, APIs, utilities and upgrades, bridges to other blockchains and wallet software, and helping others do the same;

• staking tokens and operating one or more nodes/validators;

• creating written, video, and other content on our website, various social media platforms and elsewhere; and

• generally being an overall resource to the community in a variety of other ways.

We also provide support to the Avalanche Foundation in its various activities, for which we receive compensation. We, as well as our employees and other people and organizations associated with us, may give, receive, lend, borrow, purchase, and sell AVAX tokens and various other cryptoassets (whether fungible or nonfungible tokens) created on or associated with the Avalanche public blockchain and the smart contracts and dApps that run on Avalanche. Such transactions and transfers may occur as private sales, and in open market transactions, and/or through DeFi protocols and other means. We may offer or receive preferential pricing in certain transactions, usually based on volume.

All of the above software, content and activities are referred to in this Notice as our “Software, Content, and Activities.” Sometimes we are paid in connection with our Software, Content, and Activities, while other times we are not. We are a for-profit company.

First, the legalese:

Unless specified otherwise, Ava Labs makes no representation, warranty, guarantee, or undertaking in respect of the Avalanche public blockchain or any of our Software, Content, and Activities, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of compliance, accuracy, reliability, validity, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, quality, availability, durability, and noninfringement, or as to any of it being uninterrupted, error free, free of harmful components, or secure. Ava Labs is not liable for or in connection with any actions, proceedings, claims, damages, expenses or other liabilities, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, related to or in connection with the Avalanche public blockchain or our Software, Content, and Activities or the use or other dealings in or with any of them or reliance thereon.

To avoid confusion on the part of those interacting with us, we want the general public to understand the following:

• The Avalanche public blockchain is a decentralized, permissionless platform. It has no single source of truth, no single point of failure, and no person or authority that alone has the ability or power to make changes to the data, software or smart contracts that are part of the blockchain or to admit users. Ava Labs has no greater inherent power than any other participant to add to, alter, or otherwise interfere with the public blockchain. We do not control it or have the ability to change data, transfers or anything else recorded to the blockchain. The same holds true for any subnets and side chains.

• When you use the Avalanche public blockchain, it is entirely at your own risk.

• Do your own research before using or engaging with the Avalanche blockchain, any subnets or our Software, Content, and Activities. Read widely. Stay on top of updates and developments. • Unless we tell you otherwise in writing, we are not responsible for, and make no representations or warranties regarding, the Avalanche public blockchain, its functioning, any activities or transactions conducted or smart contracts operating on it or any software associated with it (whether or not it is our Software, Content, and Activities). • We attempt to comply with applicable laws, rules and contractual obligations with respect to all of our Software, Content, and Activities. However, that landscape is constantly changing and differs jurisdiction by jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to conduct your own inquiry to ensure that your activity as it relates to the Avalanche public blockchain complies with all applicable laws, rules, and contractual obligations.

• Among other things, you will need to comply with all terms and conditions, software licenses, specifications and programming associated with anything you use.

• You alone are responsible for your Avalanche blockchain wallet’s private/secret keys and seed phrases. Please avoid losing them or sharing them with anyone else. Once lost, there is nothing that can be done to recover access to your blockchain wallet.

• Any time we link to, quote or otherwise reference a third party or reproduce or incorporate their information, content or material, it is solely for informational purposes and we have not verified its accuracy.

• We cannot stress this enough: be careful and always do your own due diligence before engaging with the Avalanche public blockchain and all its components, smart contracts, dApps, subnets and utilities, regardless of who built or implemented them, including but not limited to any wallets used in connection with it. In other words, be curious. Don’t leave any stone unturned, and don’t assume that something is correct or will function a certain way without verifying.

• When we talk about future ideas or prospects, we are expressing our vision and hopes, and there is no commitment or guarantee that it will come true, that we will implement any of it, or that it will work. The world changes quickly and technology at an even faster pace, so we have no idea how things will turn out and our aspirations and predictions may be unreliable. Look carefully at the date of things because after that date, things might have changed. A lot.