Apr 24, 2024
30 minutes

Ep 28: Crypto Wallets as the Browsers of the Future

Use Cases

About this episode

Akash Gupta (GM at Ava Labs) shares how transformative crypto wallets can be—from identity verification to the integration of social elements. Gain insights into the decentralized future and the large role of crypto wallets in shaping a secure and user-friendly digital landscape.


Akash Gupta

Akash Gupta

Senior Director of Consumer Products

Sylvia Sanchez

Sylvia Sanchez

Project Manager at Ava Labs. Content creator and host at Owl Explains.


Hootenannies are informal gatherings where folk musicians would jam in front of a crowd. In the same spirit, we like to bring together blockchain innovators, lawyers, technologists and policymakers for laid-back conversations on the regulatory landscape of Web3.